Please and Thank You!

Please be on time.  By all means, do not stay away if you are late, but keep in mind that it may be harder for your child to get oriented and into the class flow.

Please Participate. You are a very powerful role model for your child.  Your participation in singing, moving and listening, cues your child that it is safe, enjoyable and important. Enthusiasm sustains the energy and focus of the class more than musical competence.  Don’t be shy!

Please don’t carry on conversation with others during class.  Not only does it distract the children, but we count on your voice to support the flow of activities.  Your focus and attention models an attitude of respect and enjoyment of music.  Not only that, but it helps you bond with your child when you are focused on them.

Please let us know when bringing others to class.  We love Grandma!  Our classes our very inclusive so visitors probably won’t get to sit on the sidelines.  We welcome grandparents, siblings and other special people, but it can get overwhelming with too many at one time, so please just give us a heads up.

Thank you for telling your friends about us.  You get $15 tuition credit for every friend you refer, so YAY for you!

Thank you for keeping bottles, snacks and toys out the of the class area.  Please try to keep pacifier use to a minimum as well (except in baby class) as this will inhibit your child’s vocal participation.

Thank you for keeping sick children home.  We try to keep tuition low so that a few missed classes are expected, but makeup classes are available, please check with your teacher.

Thank you for your communication.  Please let us know about what is going well in class and if you have concerns.  We want to work with you to make class run smoothly for everyone!

Thank you for sharing this musical adventure with us.  Having fun and feeling successful without pressure is a great motivator for your child to continue making music in the future.

Tuition and Fees:

If you withdraw from the program, your materials fee will be refunded if the cd is unopened and the materials are like new.  Tutition will be prorate and refunded up until the 3rd week of the semester.  No tuition will be refunded after the third week of class regardless of how many classes your student attended.