How do I register for your classes?

Right now you can register for classes by sending an email to snovalleymusic@gmail.com.  Please include your child’s name, birthday, parent’s name, phone number, address and email address.

Can I try a class?

Absolutely!  Send us an email and we can set it up.

Can I join after the semester starts?

You are going to get the most value from our classes by attending the full semester, but we understand that life happens.  For all non-keyboard classes (babies, toddlers, cycles, drama, music makers at home) you may join mid-semester at a prorated tuition.  Unfortunately however we are unable to enroll keyboard students mid-semester or even mid-year.

Can I bring my baby to toddler class?

YES!  There is no additional fee to bring an infant under one year to a class that their sibling is enrolled in.

What about Grandma and Grandpa?

We love having visitors in class, just please let us know ahead of time so we can discuss options with you.