Let’s Make a Band!

                                                                 Class Meets Weekly for 13 weeks starting September 13

Wednesdays at 3:30


Ages 11- adult

Come learn to play amazing songs in different styles in a small band setting with other musicians  and Mr. Jeff! Jazz, pop, rock, classical, bluegrass, R&B and traditional world styles will be considered. Learning objectives include how to blend with other players, playing in tune, stylizing the music (how to make a jazz tune sound like jazz, etc),  listening and supporting other players, and improvising! You are going to find yourself in a pretty awesome group by the end of the course!

Prerequisites:  Must have an instrument (all instruments welcome!)  Must possess basic musicianship with your instrument (read music or charts, play in time). Will need PC and internet access.  Must be open to having fun making music with others and be willing to listen and learn. Must have an instrument in concert key of C, or be able to transpose music to your instruments key.